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Organic carpet cleaning just got that much better with Organic Carpet Cleaning Service Santa Clarita. In addition to an eco-conscious and sustainable method of cleaning your carpets, customers will also get excellent customer service and experienced staff that can answer questions about organic carpet maintenance. Taking care of carpets in a way that is sustainable and environmentally friendly will become priority as more research reveals more about the disadvantages of traditional carpet cleaning. Toxic cleaners are everywhere. Industrial cleaning solution is used in offices, schools, and countless public gathering places. Identifiable by their strong smell, they can also sometimes cause allergic reactions in individuals with an allergy.
Going organic doesn't have to be just at the grocery. It is now encompassing every aspect of life, especially for Californians, within a state that is as progressive as it is ecologically conscious. Getting organic carpet, upholstery, a general floor cleaning should be part of a home's commitment to going green and staying healthy. For many of the cleaning needs today, there are healthier, organic alternatives for the usual toxic products. Carpet cleaners are no different. If you are concerned about this issue, and would like to use products that are healthier for you and the environment, consider switching to organic cleaning products. Organic carpet cleaners, for example, are generally dry cleaners that are much less harmful than traditional carpet cleaners.
There Are Many Benefits To Organic Carpet Cleaning Regimens.
Many of these involve protecting health in addition to preventing air pollution within the home. Even store bought organic carpet cleaners are noticeably easier on the lungs and noses of family members. Conventional carpet cleaners are usually known for extremely concentrated smells. In addition to this the air pollution that results from using these products can be tough to circulate out of the house unless windows, doors, and fans are active. Even then, carpets, wood flooring and upholstery are likely to absorb these chemicals and their smells. For some, this is desirable, however, others with respiratory conditions and allergies should consider eliminating these types of cleaners from their homes. In addition to being bad for the lungs, many of the chemicals found in traditional carpet cleaners contribute to cancers.
When non-biodegradable cleaners are implemented, there is an impact on the Eco-environment. When we use these things we risk adding toxins to the air and to the water, both of which come back to us and are shared with the public. If you are not sure whether your cleaning products are harmful to you and the environment, take a look at the product labels to see the various types of chemical ingredients that are listed. What you find might surprise you! Our business is family owned operation that is available 24/7, and same day appointments are never a problem! We are happy to provide answers about our cleaning processes. We use some of the newest cleaning technology out there to get the maximum result at the most reasonable prices!
Traditional carpet care uses many products possessing ingredients of a toxic nature. These chemicals are not only hazardous to health, they are also detrimental to the environment. Old carpet cleaning water that is not only loaded with dirt and debris from carpets is often dumped down drains or over grass where these chemicals permeate the soil and water table. This is the same soil and water on which the agricultural enterprise and clean drinking water depends. These same chemicals can also evaporate into the air, with the water that is involved in the water cycle. Only to rain back down into the earth. It sounds complicated, but it doesn't have to be. It is time to start using organic and ecologically constructed carpet cleaning services that prevent these chemicals from getting into homes and into the earth. At Organic Carpet Cleaning Services Santa Clarita, we understand the value of going green, and want to service those who prefer green carpet care over traditional methods.
In addition to providing the best organic carpet cleaning services around we also want to make sure customers are educated about the danger of toxic carpet cleaners within the household. It only takes a minute to consider the importance of the carpet within the home. It usually extends throughout the house, carrying within it the dirt and debris tracked in by pets and residents. However, cleaning products used to clear this same dirt from carpet material is also embedded deep within the fibers of the flooring. Carpets, even without being exposed to cleaner, are usually made with chemical additives that include toluene, benzene, formaldehyde, ethyl benzene, styrene, acetone. These ingredients are simply part of a carpet manufacturing process common to many types of carpets. Unless specifically known to be an organically made or chemical free carpet, it is likely that adding chemicals to the chemicals already present within carpets may up the possibility of family members developing allergies or getting sick for unknown reasons.
Other Services We Offer
Organic Carpet Cleaning Service also offers general floor cleaning services in addition to carpet care. We aim to ensure that floor cleaning needs are met and with fast and professional service. Our experienced staff are able to clean hardwood floors, tile and grout, oriental rugs, and get pet odor out of surface within the home using non-toxic or caustic materials. Tradition cleaning methods for these issues are also dependent upon supplies that contain chemicals that can linger on within the household for many months. If a house happens to possess poor circulation or mold, then it is doubly dangerous to have these chemicals lurking within floors, only to get circulated around the house. Pesticides, lye, formaldehyde, and unnatural fragrances are the usual ingredients in many common floor and surface cleaners that can cause headaches and irritated skin. The risk of aggravating a respiratory infection is also a danger that families with asthmatic children or individuals should consider before doing to heavy a cleaning job with these materials.
Organic upholstery and hardwood care can also benefit homes. Leather and wood are just as if not more absorbent than synthetic carpet material. Leather is a quality material that is known for becoming more beautiful and supple over time. Most owners of leather upholstery know that strong and abrasive chemical additives should never be used with this materials, as it can damage the finish of the leather in addition to giving a strong chemical smell to the very absorbent leather material. Organic leather cleaning cannot only prevent damage, but also ensure that the material is conditioned and taken care of in the proper way. Hardwood floors should also be treated with great care when they are cleaned. Although synthetic hardwood floors can be cleaned with a chemically heavy product without too much damage, tough treatment will show over time. Real and beautiful hardwood floors cannot endure the abrasive composition of most traditional and non-natural cleaners. Getting organic cleaners for hardwood floors is the best way to ensure that the wood is taken care of while cleaned to perfection.
Water Damage Restoration
Organic Carpet Cleaners Santa Clarita also specialize in water damage restoration. This is an often overlooked area in the world of organic cleaning. After water damage, homes will undergo a period of mold prevention or removal. Getting it right the first time is extremely important, as there may not be a large period of time to wait. Mold infects homes fast, and is difficult to remove in addition to being expensive. A particular strain of mold, called black mold can be especially dangerous to residents, as it grows quickly and makes air within homes very toxic. A thorough air duct cleaning is necessary at this stage, and Organic Carpet Cleaners Santa Clarita are able to make sure than dirty air ducts don't interfere with home health and happiness. Traditional treatments for mold and air duct cleaning may involve massive treatments of bleach or other chemicals in order to sterilize surfaces in addition to dry-outs with a fan or other industrial equipment.
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An organic, natural protocol is best for all aspects of home cleaning, however, some cleaning jobs should be left to the professionals. In addition to water damage treatment, upholstery, carpet, and hard wood floor cleaning, Organic Carpet Cleaners Santa Clarita also specialize in oriental rug cleaning. For oriental rug owners, getting the proper care for these works of art is absolutely crucial to longevity. Just as in traditional carpet care, the materials with which one is cleaning make all the difference in the quality of the job. While synthetic carpets may be able to tolerate a harsh chemical cleaner used repeatedly through the years, an oriental rug is not made of a material that can withstand these type of cleaning regimen. Colors and fine fabric will eventually corrode under the repetition of this type of cleaning. An organic steaming will prevent fabric from fading, fraying, and even losing texture over time. No matter the size or material of the oriental rug, Santa Clarita Organic Carpet Cleaners are able to tackle this job properly, in a prompt and professional manner.
Organic Carpet Cleaners Santa Clarita is proud to participate in the green movement, and believe that each customer should be as well. Its time to make the world a more sustainable place one carpet a time. Contact Organic Carpet Cleaners for a cleaning estimate today.